Social Media Optimization

Do you know what a Facebook Pixel is?

Do you know how to target your ads to people who have accessed specific content on your website?

Take advantage of Facebook's ad optimization capabilities

How do you know if your ad is getting maximum engagement? A/B testing lets you see what works best, helping you achieve maximum advertising reach

Do you know the right image dimensions for a Facebook ad and the best image-to-text ratio to ensure that your ads are approved?

It is a daunting task nowadays to launch products that cater to your customer’s needs.

Content & marketing are integral tools that connect with consumers through online space.

They attract consumer’s attention and moulds his perspective towards the brand.



Reach across Social Media Channels built over a period 4-6 months through constant Content Posts in relevant Groups & concerned follower space.


Inbound Links through number of Social Shares resulting in enquiries which will lead to conversions and increased Website Traffic.


We will measure Campaign’s performance & ROI through well laid out analytic tools & Reports.