Wordpress is the most popular website CMS platform. It is easy to use, reliable and secure content management system. It is very handy in terms of additional features and plugins. Wordpress web development entails installing various themes and plugins to ensure improved admin interface, media management and customizable menus.

Wordpress is designed in such a way that a novice & a professional, both can maneuver with ease while using it. Your website is your window to the world. User experience gets captured in the moments your customer interacts with your website, opening a window of opportunity for your business in the click of a mouse or push of a keyboard button. User friendly platform & versatile content management system is the highlight of Wordpress.




SmilingPandas is a custom Wordpress web development company, well acquainted with the knowledge and knowhow of a customized Wordpress themes & Wordpress plugins and go far and beyond your business requirements to give you an unmatchable product in the thriving yet competitive online marketplace.

We not only create custom Wordpress themes but also bring about custom plugins that keep the user on the go while they move through the important elements of the Site. Elements such as Search box, Comments box, tags, Breadcrumb navigation & custom sidebars are powered through a widget ready framework that establishes our credentials as custom Wordpress plugin Development Company of the highest order.

We will embellish your website with custom Wordpress themes that are easy on eyes, compatible and riveting enough to attract a lot of eyeballs. While our development team is busy with the intricacies of gearing up for an amazingly designed theme, we keep in loop current market trends to deliver Wordpress theme customization services that help you engage mobile friendly and internet savvy end user who flock
to another site in a matter of seconds,
if served stale online food.

For relevant traffic and higher page rankings we execute the best SEO set up that index your site to search engines. Making your site more responsive across different platforms and yet ensuring content and design of the website is managed and customized by the user itself, we strive to push your website to rank higher and yet engage users to cause regular interaction in the form of forms submission, article/blog feedback.

We deliver highly on reading your business requirements and carefully planning our resources for a tailor made solution in the form of a customized Wordpress website. Our endeavor is to put your thoughts in the form of highly customizable theme, interactive plugins for the user to interact with the product and not a regular and run of the mill site. Whether it is a service or a product that you are reaching out through your website, our highly experienced team of developers and designers convey the message through their codes that are brought to life in the form of various themes and plugins.