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Finding Customers On Social Media

Social Media Integration to a business Website is like Bread to Butter. One cannot coexist without the other. For a successful online presence, Website is just a reference point to your existing Brick and Mortar business; it needs to connect to your real world contacts as more and more professionals are linking through Social Media platforms like never before.

Question is, are you equipped with the right tools to first create your Social Profile, manage it and eventually analyze your returns on it by measuring your Campaigns reach, impressions and finally frequency that delivers engagement.

Most Small Businesses have succeeded of late with content that was designed to create moments for their prospective clients that would draw them into their style of brand. If the viewer was looking for products and services on offer; Bingo you had the match.

The problem is that the landscape has changed very quickly with the influx of so much of Content that viewer does not have the time and space to look at you as a brand unless you are tuned into his needs.

What are they?

Broadly speaking people flock to Social Media pages that tend to offer something of VALUE that they can take back and SHARE with their FRIENDS on SOCIAL MEDIA. Something that remains with them even after it ends like a SONG that remains on your LIPS even after you have heard it number of times.

Whatever BUSINESS that you are in, Social Media connects to your closest RIVAL to your remotest CLIENTS and still BRINGS in more VISITORS IF you can appeal to their PALLETTE through CONTENT they can VALUE.

Why would someone want to watch your Social Media Space?

Well if you can put a stamp of your brand’s individuality onto it and people want to come back again and again and experience it through your Social Media Channel; your job is done. To cite an Example, a Vacation Rental Owner did a great job of attracting viewership onto his page by highlighting the ISLAND ISSUES where his property was.

Though there were NO ISSUES on the ISLAND but it was his STRATEGY to attract Viewership and eventually he was able to BRING out his OWN personality which people got addicted to and responded which brought in more COMMENTS and SHARES which catapulted his ENGAGEMENT to astronomical heights.

The Ideal way to attract Business and still engage a lot eyeballs is to strike a balance between DEVELOPING and DESIGNING content that brings your Product in the minds of viewers in the subtlest way possible and still get the viewers to talk about your CONTENT every time you POST.