your Business is the Reason we exist.


There has been a strategic shift in the way business approach their customers online in the last decade. In the late nineties and the year 2000, with consumption of internet on Laptop, people started to buy like never before and the need for more has been on the rise since then. In the last 3-4 years mobile devices have created a different niche altogether. Millennials and their needs surpass off-on interactions with 15 inch devices (laptops). Mobile is way too effective in drawing a lot of youngsters to buy with cheap Data and hi-tech phone at affordable prices.

At Smiling Pandas, we understand the need of our clients and develop applications for Tablets, Smart Watches, Phones, and all other kinds of wearable devices which run on some kind of Mobile operating system.



We provide native app development for the all-encompassing apple phone range plus I Pads. Our IOS Developers are expert in Swift and other popular frameworks. Our developers will also help you in loading your application onto the App Store.


We have an experienced team of Android developers that can develop commercially viable and successful Mobile Apps that contain all the necessary device-specific features. We are well-versed with Flutter and React Native framework.



It is an open-source framework that is used for creating native apps for both Android and iOS platforms. It has gradually become one of the preferred choices for Mobile app developer. It was developed by Facebook in the year 2013. It is a JavaScript framework and comprises of most advanced features of mobile app development.

Our expert team of App developers would convert your wonderful idea into a useful, viable mobile application for business.



Flutter is an open source mobile application development SDK created by Google and is used to develop applications for Android and iOS. It is an efficient cross-platform app development that is written in Dart language. It supports both IOS and android platform from a single codebase. It is fast and has expressive and flexible UI.

Flutter’s layered architecture gives screen control and its composting capabilities lets you overlay and animate Graphics, Videos, Text, and controls without any limitation



Ionic is a HTML5 SDK that builds applications through web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It focuses primarily on the look and feel and UI interaction of the mobile application.

Ionic imitates the aspects of Flutter in many ways. Just like Flutter it is a free, open source mobile UI toolkit for developing cross-platform apps from a single codebase. Its dev platform builds better, dynamic and faster mobile applications.