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Web development is the cornerstone of online business and is the stepping stone towards incremental revenue through online sales. Every business requires an online presence that offers its customer an alternate path to experience its product and Services. At Smiling Pandas we have created seamless online business presence for our clients.

In order to achieve widespread success, the web portal or a website should perform consistently across all browsers and technologies. When we develop custom-websites and portals, we take into account scalable and dynamic front-ends and organized back ends to achieve the desired results.

At Smiling Pandas, we develop mobile responsive web design using HTML and CSS and JavaScript and integrate custom plugins for enhanced User experience.

With the growing usage of Internet and mobiles, role of a web development company has also grown by leaps and bounds. It is very important to UNDERSTAND the needs and goals of the customers and develop a web application that matches to them.

Dynamism and feedback is the key:

Audience are smart and look out for consumer-driven companies that priorities their needs. Each year several start-ups fight to reach out to this pool of customers who are willing to take quality products at an affordable price. These start-ups strategise to create, launch, and market products in such a way that it reaches their target audience in quick time.

It is important to hear what the consumer is saying and very few Social Media Marketing companies in India are focussing on leveraging this shift. During coronavirus times online business grew manifolds, millennials and under 40 age group formed the bulk of the consumer. The present business scenario has given a level playing field for any kind of company to make its mark and utilise their social media presence, however not everyone plays to their strength.

Why Choose Smiling Pandas

As discussed earlier, consumer attention span is limited and you only get so much time before someone else takes the chance and succeeds at grabbing the business. At Smiling pandas, which strives to be the No.1 Social media marketing company in India, consumer’s voice is at the heart of any Social media campaign that we run. We like to dig deep to know what is the consumer’s desire. This is facilitated through various surveys, data analysis, and previous feedback received from the loyal and recurring customers.

It is imperative that businesses not only scale but innovate to the extent that consumers are willing to open their hearts. What they buy and what they don’t can be a matter of choice but always governed through feelings and emotions. This abstract metric can only be leveraged through smart Social Media campaigns that focus on consumer’s feeling and needs at the same time. Only the most intuitive Social Media marketing companies would understand how to produce the right mix of content. At Smiling Pandas we genuinely believe in the power of content that is designed for consumers to take action. Remember we are not reaching for his pocket but his feeling for the product.

It is a great time, much like renaissance of 18th century when Europe transformed. Only this time, online Renaissance is bringing about this change which will transform the way consumers and businesses interact.

how It Works
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    We collaborate with you to choose the RIGHT TECHNOLOGY that suits your business.

  • 02

    Build your product from concept to completion that resembles uniquely you.

  • 03

    Optimized your Web application through the best available technology.

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    We continuously maintain your application that delivers to your ever-growing user base.

Our Web development SERVICES cover the following

Working Technologies

Each line of code can make a difference to the final product in your hand. We understand the nitty-gritty of the development business and help you make the right choice.



The code that defines the design and style of your Webpage. It is integral to the success of any web based business currently.



An easy-to-use API; a Java Script library that works across different kinds of browsers. It is efficient and has lot of plugins.


A powerful server-side language that can run on various platforms and is compatible to different browsers. It runs Facebook and WordPress sites which receives millions of unique visitors each month.

C Sharp

One of the most popular and easy-to-use language that has huge community support. It runs on .NET framework.


Dot Net

It is one of foremost framework that is known for interactive websites, games and apps. It is for every programmer that works on windows platform. This framework guides languages like C # and Visual Basic.



It is a popular E Commerce Framework that provides robust range of functionality.



It is one of the most popularly used frameworks used by millions of bloggers for its ease-of –updates.



Angular JS is a structural framework for dynamic web applications.